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Issue № 4: I Don’t Speak German But I Can If You Like

, Deniz Akşimşek

Commspace became the first corporate sponsor of htmx

💙 The founder of Commspace is Johan Vosloo, who is also a supporter of the Week.




Michael Anckaert used htmx for a CI/CD service

I picked server side rendered HTML as the main technology for the user interface. Thanks to HTMX I was able to add some nice interactivity and UI / UX improvements without having to resort to a large scale framework such as Vue or React. Using HTMX makes me very productive on the frontend, which as a more backend leaning developer is a big bonus. Read more about HTMX and HTML over the wire concepts.


An htmx meetup in Chemnitz, Germany is coming up

25 Nov, 19:00–21-00, Q-HUB GmbH | Innovation & Startup Space Chemnitz. Thomas Güttler will be speaking!


Daniel shared an (unreleased) htmx library for F#

So am I, Carson! My sources tell me that the library will be released soon™.


@aarroyoca used htmx with Prolog

First public demo of Teruel + Scryer Prolog + htmx: The Dice Webapp



How to submit data from a form in _hyperscript





_hyperscript vs Alpine.js

Editor’s note: Let me make it clear that this is not a dig on Alpine in any way. I gave my personal opinion to help people decide what to use. We’re volunteer-run free software projects with a lot of shared goals. 💙

a Hotwire-like library based on htmx?

Would you use that? Let us know.