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Issue № 5: Perfectly On Time

, Deniz Akşimşek

Mother of All Demos, brought to you by Commspace

Now, THAT’S what I call a TRUE SPA! My chatlog widget doesn’t support link embeds anyway, so you’re fine :)

htmx in Craft CMS?

If this PR gets merged, htmx will have a lot more cred… (not that we need it, of course)

💙 to Craft CMS!

Daniel’s F# library, Giraffe.Htmx, was released

Giraffe.Htmx provides extensions that facilitate using htmx on the server side, primarily reading and setting headers. Giraffe.ViewEngine.Htmx provides attributes and helpers to produce views that utilize htmx. Both can be installed from NuGet via standard methods.

Introducing Giraffe.Htmx. https://blog.bitbadger.solutions/2021/introducing-giraffe-htmx.html

Big updates to the show and hide commands in _hyperscript

show thing when condition has been implemented and will be there in the new release. As for everything else, that’s where you all come in.

Ben Croker wants IDE tooling for _hyperscript

There’s an unwritten rule about suggesting features on the htmx discord… but then, Ben did buy me coffees.

kirbyzone and yours truly had a grand debate

It’s a little too long to copy here, but you can read it all on the Discord and pitch in with your own opinions.

(Be warned: If your opinion is good, you will probably be asked to implement it. I joined the server for REST memes and look where I ended up…)

Carson reviewed a React codebase

Forum vs. Discord?

Reading the full discussion is highly recommended. What do you think? Would you use such a forum? Do you prefer forums to chats? Do you know of any alternative solutions? Tell us in the Discord, on Twitter (@htmx_org), or email the editor (deniz+thisweek@denizaksimsek.com).