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Issue № 6: New Releases

, Deniz Akşimşek

htmx 1.6.1 out soon

_hyperscript 0.9 released

Highlights include:


_hyperscript noticed by openxtalk.org

OpenXTalk is the working name of a fork of the now unsupported LiveCode Community project, with the goal of keeping a FREE OPEN SOURCE xTalk language publicly available.

xTalk is a loosely defined family of scripting languages. The mother of all xTalk languages is HyperTalk, the language used by Apple’s HyperCard environment.

While _hyperscript takes a lot from its ancestor HyperTalk, it’s designed for HTML through-and-through. However, it’s also designed to be extensible — if you can write JavaScript, you can add features to _hyperscript. An end-user app builder like HyperCard for our decade is a very noble (and fun) goal.

💙 to the OpenXTalk project!


“Intentionally unscalable”


Josef Erben used htmx to build hoarddit.com

Feeling empowered by the good documentation and useful examples on the HTMX website, we decided to implement infinite scrolling. Half an hour later, we had the first working version.

In a rush of euphoria, we decided to HTMXize the whole project; liking, unliking, selling, buying and updating the balance. It went quite well, we implemented all those features without duplicating code in the backend and on the client.


HTMX truly feels like an extension of HTML, something that should have been standardized and included in HTML a while ago.

the first big wave of public htmx apps is coming folks



htmx vs _hyperscript, when to use which?