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Issue № 7: Midterm Season

, Deniz Akşimşek

Blogs Corner

Ben Croker, A First Look at _hyperscript


Daniel - East TN#0482, A Tour of myPrayerJournal v3

A blog series on rewriting a web app in htmx.

[…] eliminates a host of synchronization issues with SPAs and their associated APIs - duplicating shapes of data, ensuring calculations are in sync, etc.


SirRichard#6804, Interactive zero Javascript sites with django

How to rocket-start your frontend with HTMX


_hyperscript is looking for contributors to help with documentation

Would you like to become that someone else? We have amazing benefits!

RichardG launched Comedy Wham with htmx, _hyperscript and Sprig



HTML as a database?!

Never change, HTMX Discord 💙

Johan (Commspace) is still using intercooler.js

They didn’t end up using a new release, since Commspace was using a custom build anyway. However, it’s a good reminder that Intercooler is still supported (to the extent that any non-profit open source project can be “supported”, at least).

bpamiri#9470 is looked into using htmx with ColdFusion

💙 Welcome aboard!