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Issue № 8: Hyper Media Presence

, Deniz Akşimşek

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Daniel, A Tour of myPrayerJournal v3: Conclusion

The thrilling conclusion to the Prayer Journal Pentalogy.

When I say “simplicity,” I am speaking of a lack of complexity, not a naïveté of approach.

If you’ve made anything with htmx/_hyperscript, please share it! It’s lovely to hear from you. 💙


Dave Syer, Client Side Development with Spring Boot Applications, Spring Blog

HTMX is a library that allows you to access modern browser features directly from HTML, rather than using javascript. It is very easy to use and well suited to server-side rendering because it works by replacing sections of the DOM directly from remote responses. It seems to be well used and appreciated by the Python community.


Arham Jain, Building a simple typing test website using hyperscript

I’m not claiming that hyperscript will replace Javascript, but it is very interesting to use. The strangest thing about this project was that I found it slightly more difficult to write code, but much easier to read my code back.

What we believe in. 💙


htmx on JavaScript Jabber podcast


_hyperscript on devMode.fm podcast


The new _hyperscript Cheatsheet

Keeping all the features of event listeners, ways of finding elements, the intricacies of variable scopes and the syntax of every single command just a glance away — the _hyperscript cheatsheet!


Avoid listening to htmx:load when you have big responses

How to submit an htmx form using JavaScript?

TL;DR: Use form.requestSubmit() instead of form.submit().

Wrt. the closest expression

What do you think about closest?

tables 🤮

tables 🤮

(see StackOverflow, Form inside a table)